The Park

Here’s a description of the park, which should make some kind of sense: We have a nice 16ft mini ramp with a movable extension linked back to back a quarter pipe and two 4ft spines. It rolls through to a vert wall which extends up to the roof (about 18ft).

The street course starts with a big flat bank, an 8ft high quarter pipe and a 5ft quarter pipe end piece, facing our big drive way with the rail and deathbox attached to a 23ft long 1ft high grind box.

Next up is our famous hip; often imitated, never bettered.

That just leaves our  massive new back piece; A 4ft high platform with an 8 set of stairs down the middle flanked by two enormous hubbers. Either side of the hubbers are two flat banks leading onto the platform which is home to two 4ft quarter pipes and a 5ft roll in.

Hidden down the side is a flat bank with a wall jam leading to a square flat rail.

The whole park has a wooden floor (no more concrete scars) and many small grindy things to make lines out of.

To one side of the main course is the mini house, which is made up of a two foot high mini, two flat banks, a grind box and a small spine.

The bad news for bikers is the House is purely a skate park –  so that’s things with small wheels such as skateboards, rollerblades, razor scooters, snakeboards, roller boots – which means we’re able to keep our coping round and our ramps hole free.

If none of that made sense then check out the picture gallery ‘cos you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words…..

Shop: We’ve got a shop on site selling a wide range of skateboard and scooter hardware, with blading equipment coming soon. Spending over £35 gets you two free hours and all decks come with free griptape. We’re happy to build or repair your board or scooter –  anything from a broken bearing to a full custom set up. Parts bought from us are fitted for free, and we guarantee your board or scooter will leave our shop in full working order and in the best condition possible. We’ve also got our own House t-shirts and House boards for sale, and the best sticker selection in town!

The Shed: Freeze no more! Skateparks are built in warehouses, so they’re big places that are hard to heat. Concerned about parents and carers enduring the cold while the young people enjoyed themselves, we’ve made part of our upstairs viewing area indoors. The shed really is a shed, but it’s a good size with sofas, heating, and free wifi and charging points. We also sell tea and coffee to keep you warm.

Refreshments: The House has a small tuck shop selling cold drinks and snacks, but not hot food. Hot drinks are also available. All park users are welcome to bring their own food and drinks into the park.